Google for Education

Google in collaboration with Eazzy Solutions is seeking to help transform the learning experience in schools in Kenya and the region by setting up and adopting remote learning using the Google for Education Platform.

If your school struggling to teach students while at home, we shall introduce Google Education Platform by implementing, training your Teachers on using various Google Products and create a website for your school all at discounted prices.

Eazzy Solutions in collaboration with Google will also ensuring we complete the change management program throughout the institutions education experience (Students, Teachers & Staff).

Since you want to elevate your school/ institute to the next level, you have our full support!

Eazzy Solutions will set up Google for Education, migrate your domain to Google for Education, ensure smooth change management and solution optimization, and develop a Website for your school all at an affordable discounted cost.

The package will include; Technical support, on boarding, Training of Teachers, Registration, Website development and consultancy.

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Collaborate anytime and anywhere with a suite of tools for education
With Google for Education, teachers can create opportunities for learning and streamline administrative tasks, while they challenge their students to think critically, analytically with innovation without disrupting current workflows. Google for Education tools are powerful on their own, but integrate with other learning applications.
Make learning enriching for every student
Google for Education tools have built in features that support students with diverse needs and learning styles therefore encouraging students to engage with the tools using their voice, or a screen reader among other available devices. These tools are also fully compatible with accessories like braille devices and displays and other student supporting facilities for special needs. Students can also enable/disable closed captioning when presenting in Google Slides.
Grow and succeed in K12 or Higher Education through a curated set of trainings for teachers/educators, students, and school leaders including and not limited to students, staff and teachers.
Teacher Center
Since learning never stops, dedicated educators/teachers are lifelong learners and partners with students. Therefore, Google has designed free, online training for the classroom that helps educators perfect their skills.
Effective Engagement with Your Students
Enhance productivity, collaboration and innovation in your teaching and research using Google for Education. Smarter email and seamless video conferencing to real time feedback on student work (The modules will help faculty collaborate easily and securely across due to relevance in applications and student/ teacher/ educators real time requirements).
Become a More Resourceful Student
Collaboration and productivity skills are necessary in the modern workforce. Develop and practice these competencies using Google for Education collaboration tools that help you connect and create, save and collaborate. Learn how to use G Suite to make your life better for both schoolwork and career.
Explore Cloud Computing
Discover how you can get started on Google Cloud Platform and develop the skills you need to manage successful cloud solutions relevant to your studies as a teacher/educator/student.
Google Classroom
Google Classroom has been designed with teachers/educators and students in mind. Google Classroom grants teachers the ability to create announcements, improve and monitor student participation by asking questions, and by assigning work, tasks, quizzes and projects, which can be marked and returned to the students quickly and easily.
Teachers also decide whether pupils work on a single document together (Google Docs), Permissions management (students can only view your document, or have a named copy created on both their own and your drive) for collaboration. This upside is a great solution for teachers receiving unnamed homework!

Our projects delivered in-line with both Prince II and ITIL best practice.

For organizations with an active Business or Organization website, or are creating a website expected to have moderate to high amounts of traffic such as active blogs, medium e-commerce websites with fairly active eshops, medium directory listings, active CMS sites or other Memory intensive Applications, our Business Hosting Plans will be the best selection.
With large and popular e-shops, highly popular or large blog, large CMS website or highly active e-commerce portal with very high volumes of traffic and intensive resource requirements with need for full server control with root access then a VPS or Dedicated server is your option, depending on the size or complexity of your project.

Eazzy Solutions will host your website using the most secure and up to date technologies. Our experts understand that the safety of your website is as critical as your life. Avoid spending money on people who do not have the requisite knowledge.
We have developers, programmers, and online lovers who are compelled to solve problems through design and development using industry best practices and standards.